Sports Mouthguard

What is the purpose of a mouthguard?

The purpose of a sports mouthguard is to attenuate the stresses and absorb the impact of the physical forces on the teeth and adjacent structures, thereby reducing or minimising the chances of injury.

What are mouth guards used for?

  1. Absorb physical impact during sporting activities
  2. for people with epilepsy who may fall or fit and damage their teeth; or
  3. during intubation for a general anaesthetic procedure.

Is there any difference between the “over-the-counter” ones and the “dentist-made” ones?

Sports Mouthguard “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.”

   - Miguel de Cerventes, Don Quixote, 1605

A “over-the-counter” mouthguard which with a poor fit cannot provide adequate protection and can compromise the airway if it becomes dislodged.

The mouthguard made at your dentist is customised to fit the mouth. A correctly fitted mouthguard will be comfortable, will not easily dislodge and will allow you to breathe easily.

What is procedure for me to get a mouthguard made?

Visit your dentist who will examine the teeth, make any x-rays (radiographs) if needed. An oral assessment is made by your dentist to allow the dentist to accurately assess your mouth and provide the best fit, size, coverage and thickness in a mouthguard made especially for you. A colour is decided upon. A “mould” is made by a trained dental professional and creating a model of your teeth. The mouthguard is then fabricated and delivered with instructions on its use.


Is there any special care?

Please speak to your dentist who will cater the instructions as per your needs.


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