Comprehensive treatment in months, not years!

What is this treatment?

The brackets of traditional braces are usually square in shape and typically move the crown of the tooth in the first year and the root of the tooth towards its final position in the second year, thus requiring about two years of treatment. Fastbraces technology gently allows for movement of the roots and crowns of the teeth towards their final position from the onset of treatment, thus completing treatment from 3 months to about a year.

Fastbraces Technology typically works with just one orthodontic wire from start to finish, whereas traditional braces usually require a series of wires and tightening procedures. Fastbraces Technology uses a special square super-elastic nickel-titanium wire which is activated by the special design of the braces. This dynamic wire helps upright the whole tooth using the natural temperature of the mouth in just one stage.

After treatment, the patient will start out by wearing the retainers every night during a normal 8-hour sleep period (“Teeth Pyjamas”) or just in the shower for 15-20 minutes every day (“Tooth Shampoo”), as per the Best Dentist’s instructions. Within a year, and from then on, the patient may find that they will only need to wear their retainers for a few minutes every day.

Is this treatment for me?

If you need to have your teeth straightened, but your biggest question is “how quickly can I get them off?” this treatment could be for you. This new technology is different by design and allows for treatment time to be measured in months not years.

The benefits of this treatment are

Minimal discomfort – University research has shown that Fastbraces Technology has low mean frictional forces, a clear-cut reduction in sliding frictions and pain reduction with fitting front and back teeth together. Thousands of patients have been treated over the past 20 years. Fast, safe, easy and affordable.

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